Terraforma: Elemental Sculptures by Brian Truono

Opening Reception November 18th

November 18th- December 17th, 2016

In nature’s dance of perpetual motion, the elements scrape and tear away at one another forming magnificent structures. Whether through the force of the Earth’s upheaval; or by sand’s friction in a windstorm; or by the patience of water dripping between the crevasse of two stones; the shapes of everything around us are in constant flux.

A minuscule piece of matter undulates and bounces into neighboring particles. For every chip and scrape along the route, the substrate adjusts it’s path ever-so slightly – creating new shapes and formations.

Terraforma: Elemental Sculptures is a photographic exploration into the unique elemental sculptures chiseled by nature: Peaks and stone towers grind upward as tectonic plates shift. Molten rocks harden into hexagonal granite and obscure obsidian pillars. Boulders are tumbled by the ocean’s waves or a river’s current to become rounded and smooth. Sands on the dunes shift into gentle curves and flowing ripples by the wind. Vast canyons are fabricated by a river’s erosion over millions of years. Hoodoos and stone arches are crafted by currents of air and weathering. Patterns form in a drying lake bed’s mud as the moisture is pulled back into the sky. Valleys are etched into the landscape by massive glacial flows. The artwork of nature is all around and can be found in every environment.
Artist/Group BioBrian Truono is a landscape fine art photographer from Wilmington, Delaware who is currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. He holds a degree in Visual Communication and Graphic Design from The Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania, and has served as an instructor at the Delaware College of Art and Design in Wilmington, Delaware.

Brian is self-taught in the field of photography. His work manifests traditional values of expression, imagination and clarity through cutting-edge digital tools. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of capabilities of the camera in hand. Many of the works are created with an HDR (High Dynamic Range) technique of photo development to bring the details closer to what the eye can perceive on location. To enhance the final art, his medium of choice is an image printed on aluminum metal which creates an almost 3-dimensional luminescence when walking around the finished piece.

Constantly seeking beautiful locations and light, he can often be found jet-setting, road-tripping and hiking around the United States with his wife and travel partner. They are also on a mission to collect National Park passport cancellations/stamps by visiting all the National Parks in the United States.
Artist Statement (Optional)I am a collector of photons. I find great pleasure in chasing and capturing light of various wavelengths as it bounces around our three-dimensional world. I am fanatic about uniquely lit natural scenes – the convergence of weather, sunlight, and location. The trick is to be there at the one moment when they all come together in a spectacular show.

Living in such a fast paced world, we often forget to stop and appreciate the beautiful little details all around. Whether it is the last kiss of light on an alpine peak, the soft diffusion of tree limbs in a foggy forest grove, or the swirl of sand grains on a windy dune. For me, photography represents this powerful interlude. When I set off to a distant location, I want to bring back the sense of place; and allow others to escape. I strive for an image that can press pause on a busy day and carry the viewer to a far away land.

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