Why slow?

When people look slowly at a piece of art they make discoveries.

The most important discovery they make is that they can see and experience art without an expert (or expertise). And that’s an exciting discovery. It unlocks passion and creativity and helps to create more art fans.

 How Does It work?

One day each year – April 8 in 2017 – people all over the world visit local museums and galleries to look at art slowly. Participants look at five works of art for 10 minutes each and then meet together over lunch to talk about their experience. That’s it. Simple by design, the goal is to focus on the art and the art of seeing.

  • Pyramid Hill -10:00am – 1:00pm
  • Meet at the visitor Center to receive a map to five pieces of sculpture and discussion questions.
  • View each piece for 5-10 minutes, slowly.
  • Meet to have lunch and discuss your experience.
  • Bring a brown-bag lunch. Water will be provided.

Register by completing the form below. The program is free with park admission. Members are free.

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