The Board of Directors of Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum is pleased to introduce its new management team.


Jeni Barton, Director of Programming and Administration
Shaun Higgins, Director of Park Operations

Jeni has spent the past 10 years in the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs in Wilmington, Delaware, as Marketing and Special Projects Coordinator. She is a dedicated arts administration professional with a record of success in developing arts initiatives and programming which strengthened the Wilmington community’s artistic and cultural identity. Jeni holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Delaware. Jeni is an experienced grant and media writer as well as an innovative arts marketer. She is also a creative graphic designer, illustrator and photographer.

Shaun has served as Interim Director at Pyramid Hill for the past year. During this time membership, attendance and financial support have grown. Shaun was hired by Harry Wilks as the Assistant Director of Pyramid Hill in 2001. He left in 2005 and returned in May, 2014. After moving to Hamilton in 1986, Shaun worked in media for a number of years in Hamilton, Cincinnati, Dayton and Middletown. He also produced and hosted an interview program at Miami University Hamilton Downtown called “What’s Your Story”. More recently Shaun was a trainer in non-profit education curriculum at Community Development Professionals. Shaun has been involved with many community organizations and events throughout Hamilton.

Board President Bill Groth said, “We look forward to the future of Pyramid Hill under this new management team and the strong backing of the Board of Directors.”

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