HarrytWilksmenuPyramid Hill began in 1987 when Harry T. Wilks (1925-2014) purchased 40 acres of land just outside of Hamilton, Ohio. He desired to build his home there and before it was finished in 1992, he added several adjoining parcels of land. He would clear the land as he acquired it and build roads, create lakes and clear hiking trails. After the home was completed he invited friends to Pyramid Hill, and in 1995 he received nine offers to purchase home sites. However, by that time, Harry began to appreciate the beauty of the land and nature and wanted to preserve it for future generations. Harry combined his love of art and had the idea to create a public sculpture park and formed a non-profit foundation to which he donated the land so it could be free from private development. He began visiting sculptors and purchased several pieces to place in the newly formed park. In the spring of 1996 Pyramid Hill held its grand opening. The park has been buzzing with school tours and visitors ever since with the park gradually acquiring national and international attention and appearing in articles in newspapers and magazines all over the country. World renowned artists such as Perlman, Meadmore, Liberman, Isherwood, Rosenthal and Barrett, wanted to show their sculpture at Pyramid Hill.

By 1997 youth and adult programs as well as a vibrant event schedule were actively engaging the community. In 1999 Holiday Lights On The Hill began to light up the Christmas season and continues to this day becoming an annual tradition for many families in the greater Hamilton area. In 2003 the first annual Art Fair became a reality with artists from all over the country displaying their work. Each year, the roads are lined with wonderfully talented artists and live music, family art activities and unique food vendors.

Pyramid Hill continues to grow and has the largest membership of any non-profit in Butler County. The park is also the largest tourist attraction in the county with tens of thousands of visitors every year. Thanks to our members, contributors and sponsors, the vision continues.

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