Summer Series for Kids 2016

Specialized events for children, aged 5 through 12. These events are programs designed by local educators, artists and staff members to offer entertaining, interactive and educational experiences for students and adults. The programs are free with paid admission and free to members. Participation in some programs is limited. Daycare organizations and summer schools are welcome and should call for information and registration. Programs start at noon and last about an hour.

June 8 – An American Indian Trail
Kids will get to see and touch genuine artifacts, many of which were found in the park and surrounding areas. Learn what life was like for Native Americans by exploring a miniature village, using replica tools, and playing customary games. Class size is limited.

June 15 – Animal Adaptations                                                                                          

Join us to learn about the many ways that animals are adapted to live in different habitats. Volunteers will be dressed with different adaptations, see if you can guess how it helps them to survive. To end out the program, we will make our own special camouflage animals, made out of leaves. Presented by Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.

June 22 – Wiggling Worms                                                                                       

Join us to learn what makes worms so special. Believe it or not, we have a lot in common with them! Then get down and dirty with a great art project. Try your hand at worm art by making your own mud painting. Presented by Butler Soil and Water Conservation District.

June 29 – Terrific Toys                                                                                            

Science is everywhere; even in our toys.  Learn why balls bounce and the science behind toys like Etch-a-Sketch and Operation. Race plastic and metal Slinkys to learn about physical properties, and a big slingshot is used to learn about elastic energy. Presented by Crystal Clear Science.

July 6 – Amazing Air
Air is invisible, but surprise tubes show us it is there!  Twirling bugles and tornado tubes teach about motion and pressure. This program presents lots of fun experiments kids can repeat at home. Presented by Crystal Clear Science..

July 13 – Assets in Action

Let’s play Color Hunt, Elbow Tag, Hot Potato Jumble, Design Your Own Superhero Identity, and Just Roll It; incorporating the approach of Search Institute’s Developmental Assets framework, each game is designed to help young people practice character-building skills and consider important concepts. Playing and Learning provides fundamentals that help young children grow up healthy, caring, and responsible.  So bring your energy and your creativity! Presented by Coalition for a Healthy, Safe and Drug-Free Greater Hamilton.

July 20 – Cool Critters                                                                                                        

This fun and educational program teaches children about reptiles and invertebrates. Cool Critters is a Cincinnati based organization that rescues and teaches the public about these animals. There will be several animals visiting that may be observed as Cool Critters shares fun facts and teach about the treatment of animals.

July 27 – Chicka Chicka Boom Boom                                                                                                 

An educational performance that uses junk percussion instruments to introduce musical concepts and illustrate elements of math and physics. An array of buckets, barrels, pans, cans, auto parts, pipes, flower pots, and pieces of wood can make music. Learn how the physical properties of the instruments affect the sounds that they make. Then translating fractions into rhythms that they can play as a group. The show ends with an impromptu percussion performance.


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