In 2017, Pyramid Hill will celebrate its 20th Anniversary. The vision and passion of Harry T. Wilks continues to flourish. There will be a number of events coming up to celebrate. To help keep the park moving forward, we are asking for your support with our Annual Fund Drive. Each year we ask for your financial support outside of membership, As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Pyramid Hill depends on your partnership. The maintenance of the grounds, equipment, building and sculpture is an ongoing physical expense. Your support allows Pyramid Hill to bring new and intriguing programming to the public.

We are asking you to make the 20th Anniversary a special year for Pyramid Hill, its guests and the community. Remember, Pyramid Hill is a public, charitable organization, and gifts are tax deductible. Please consider an additional donation in multiples of 20 for the 20th Anniversary. This could be $20, $220, $2020 or amount of your choosing to support our ongoing progress, and to carry on for generations.

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